localisation: Los Angeles

date: 2014

partner: Deniz Basman

professor: Reza Azard

Ascenso is an imaginary city created from our impressions on Los Angeles. This new city, covering an area too large to be crossed by the human body, has no attachments to this smooth territory. The countless roads then begin to take off and leave the ground taking with them buildings via the power cables. We have carried out 4 projects including a theater that sits on the hill overlooking Ascenso. The curtain serves as a façade and when it rises, theater is unveiled to the city and the city becomes a background scenery for the theater play. The play is a reinterpretation of Candide, which ends his journey in Ascenso.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles_edited

   Louis Mounis is an architect who has studied at the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris since 2011. He had the opportunity to spend 6 months in Seoul at the Korean National University of Arts and has worked on projects based in France, Italy, Belgium, Germany. He just pass his diploma in October 2016 with Deniz Başman under the direction of Cédric Libert, Sébastien Chabbert, Reza Azard and Doris Von Drathen. They have explored the habitat memory around the Mediterranean sea.

   He develops its projects through a sensitive approach to the territory; reporting this large scale through the memory of places and habitat conditions. During his studies, since 2014 he edited in collaboration with Morgan Lacroix a magazine distributed in different countries, BON ESPRIT magazine, dedicated to artistic practice through new generations.
   During his professional experience he was able to work on various scales from social housing to set design while learning the rigor and precision needed to carry out a project.


2017     project chief assistant at Ateliers Jean Nouvel 

2016     architecture diploma with the project: "Mare Nostrum"

2016     Jean-Benoît Vétillard architect - 8 months internship

             work on scenography, office development and international competition

2015     Korean National University of Art - 6 months

2014     professor assistant of Cedric Libert - 6 months

2014     Bon Esprit magazine - creation with Morgan Lacroix

2014     METRA + associés - 2 months internship

             work on social housing and urban planing

2013     InAD - free lance agency with Jean-Christophe Petillault 

2013     François Fontès - 2 months internship

             work on models and development of a sport center

2012     Société Métallurgique Gargini - 2 months internship

             cutting and implementation of metal pieces